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Educational Institutions

If you are an Educational Institution National or International interested to send or receive students, and or increase the number of these, Inspire NOW is for you!


Our ultimate goal is the formation of better people people through an international education with high quality standards.

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Recruitment or sending students worldwide is complicated. Cultural differences, language and technological barriers can complicate you the way to reach your goals and therefore difficult to reach your target audience. But Inspire Now is here to help you.

As an International Educational Institution, if you want to venture into the Latino market, but haven’t known: how, with who, whom or when, Inspire Now is for you. Through us you will understand the Latino market or just a specific country in Latin America, you will know which agencies to contact, how to reach agreements with private enterprises, government, etc. We offer you managing your materials, correct support for educational events, advertising campaigns or public relations; we will support you to achieve the best results, giving effectiveness to your time and money.

Some of the services we offer to the National Educational Institutions:

  • Educational Guidance (Application of Educational Tests).
  • Custom Vocational Tests.
  • Seminars, conferences and/or Talks about International Education (befitting own events and with guests).
  • Proposals for internationalization plans and exchange programs. (Academic Semester or Academic Year, internships, Graduate Programs).
  • Evaluation of educational projects.
  • Communication and Marketing Plans for the school.
  • Plan of alliances with international institutions and educational agencies.
  • Organization of fairs and educational events.
  • Search of specific Abroad Programs, like: Languages, Camps, High Schools, Work Experiences, Au Pair, Internships, Higher Education, Teacher Preparation, Test Preparation.
  • Language Certifications for students and staff.
  • Support and guidance in Scholarships, Loans and Funding for students and teachers.
  • Coaching for students and teachers.
  • Support for specific marketing strategies in international education.

Nuestros servicios para Instituciones Educativas Internacionales:


  1. New Market Strategies.
  2. Representation in events. (Fairs, Seminars, etc).
  3. Brand Permanent Presence. We can be your LOCAL ALLY!
  4. Agent Relationship development and Management.
  5. Organization for specific events: Fairs, seminars, webinars, etc.

Other services:

  • Database follow-up from Events (Fairs, Seminars, etc)
  • Pre-departure interviews and discussions for students (One to one meetings)
  • Printing services, packaging, warehousing and inventory online brochures and rates.
  • Creating PR campaigns to promote your brand.
  • Tropicalization of your materials: Presentations, Brochures, Translation of your materials to the local language (Spanish), etc.
  • Headhunters (talents in the sector).
  • Support for specific marketing strategies in international education.
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