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Find the answers to some of our clientes frequently askes questions.

International Education

It refers to the educative opportunities offered to the persons outside their place of residence and which could be from short courses to degree programs such as Bachelor and Graduate programs: Master’s and PhD.


This is a difficult question to answer, since each company is unique and has different needs and goals, so it is important to conduct an assessment to identify the best strategies for your business, depending on what you want to achieve. A strategy will be viable for one company but not for another. Perhaps a virtual fair is what you need or visits to schools, to mention just a couple of many alternative student recruitment options, but we are confident that together we can develop the best plan of action so that you achieve your goals. 

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About Inspire Now

Inspire NOW has a very broad platform and is not limited to certain types of companies, however, by the perspective of International Education handles, it focuses primarily on national and international educational Institutions, government-organisms that provide any kind programs or services in education, study abroad agencies, tourism and travel agencies wishing to extend its offer with educational programs abroad.

Inspire Now offers consultancy for both, small and large businesses, and for those already established or newly created. Our goal is to be there for companies focused on international education sector and advise them to achieve their goals.

For the category of students, Inspire Now do not make the processes directly, but put students in contact with Educational Agencies or international schools.

For the business sector, we can support throughout the process, since Inspire Now has a multidisciplinary team that will support companies in all stages and processes of change, renewal, boot, etc.

No, Inspire Now is not an Educational Agency, is a consultancy in International Education, which doesn´t offer courses directly and neither sell courses or educational programs abroad. However, we have a great network of educational agencies and we are sure they will have a course designed for all kinds of needs and profiles.

Inspire Now does not offer scholarships or financing directly, but we have lots of information, contacts and suppliers that offer scholarships, discounts and student loans that may be the option for you: student looking for alternatives and solutions to make your dreams of studying abroad come true.

  • Projects with custom design according to customer needs.
  • Forefront international education management trends and especially higher education abroad.
  • Effective courses that impact the performance of the company and its staff.
  • Trainers with high professional performance

Inspire Now is not another consultancy company, it is a consultancy specializing in International Education offering advice to companies focused on education abroad, whether educational agencies or national or International schools. Its aim is to help companies and institutions to attract, recruit, orient and retain students in order to develop international education in the region.

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